Chair, Department of Religion, Columbia University 2007-

Co-director, Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life,
Columbia University 2008-

Director, Center for Technology in the Arts and Humanities 1997-1999

Director, Critical Issues Forum, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 1996-2000

Advisory Committee, Literary Studies 1994-98

Chair, Department of Religion 1990, 1993

Director, Center for Technology in the Arts and Humanities, WilliamsCollege ,19XX

Chair, Department of Religion, Williams College, C 1990, 193

Director, Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Williams College,

Chair, History of Ideas, Williams College

Director, Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences 1987-1990

Member of Board of Trustees, Scholars Press 1979-1982

Chair, Research and Publication Committee,
American Academy of Religion 1979-1982

Chair, History of Ideas Program 1978-83