Estrada Ekphrastic

Estrada Ekphrastic

The story so far…

Ekphrastic Approach: Making Main Figure Speak

Jesús Estrada


I swim in this water, beaten down with defeat. I have tried to fight Riku, one of my best friends, with always landing in defeat. I am too weak and not skilled enough. So I swim, fully clothed, wallowing in defeat. My island is beautiful! I love the beach, the waterfall, the palm trees! I can defeat my friends on the island, but not Riku. So I swim and splash, hoping to distract myself when I either have two options; finding the items for my raft or continually fighting Riku until I beat him. But that does not matter because that is the future and now I am in water. I have full health and full MP, but by being in the water, I can only swim and not attack or use any items. I am seriously observing my island, admiring it. Despite its small size, I still love this island. But I want to go out and explore other worlds with my friends. This island holds the significance of being where I have friends and family. Without this island, I would not be who I am today. And all along, what makes this island an island is the ocean surrounding it. The clear blue water in which I am enjoying. I cannot drink this water, but I can splash in the water. I can wade in the water with my friends. But right now I am alone—in soggy clothes that instantly dries the moment it touches air. I love the physics of my world, where I can jump from the top of a coconut trees and be hurt not one bit. I love that I can float in this water and not be carried away by the waves. I love that I am alone right now; with no stress and worries. What can go wrong now? Now only if I could find all the materials for this raft and see where this water takes me. Hopefully where it takes me has water just as beautiful as this ocean does, but I doubt that is true. I shall now go to shore and see that I finish my duties.

Photo: Taken by Jesus Estrada of Sora floating in the ocean by shore of an island from the video game KINGDOM HEARTS – Final Mix in KINGDOM HEARTS – The Story So Far, Square Enix and Disney, 30 October 2018.



Cross-Product of Chairs

Reverse Ekphrasis

Jesús Estrada


Estrada, Jesus, “Cross Product of Chairs.” 31 October 2018. 


Image description:

Two wooden chairs lie on their sides with the back part perpendicular to the floor. Another wooden chair is stacked, in the upright position, on top of the other chairs.

Source text:

Edwards, C. Henry and David E. Penney, “11.3 The Cross Products of Vectors.” Calculus Early Transcendentals Seventh Edition, Pearson, 9 Mar. 2007, p.835.