India Annular Eclipse- December 26, 2019


Credit: Rob Lucas, Sydney, from Kodaikanal, alongside Jay Pasachoff

Orange images were taken through a Thousand Oaks Optical chromium solar filter; white images were taken with natural filtering by clouds.


Annular View:

Interesting eclipse images found on the Web or via SEML

At the Gateway to India, Mumbai (1924) 

The uneclipsed Sun from the Solar Dynamics Observatory on eclipse day: NASA/SDO/AIA

1st partial eclipse (3UT 26 Dec.) for Hinode from XRT QL data Movie

Annular Eclipse Articles from The Hindu

Arrival at Madurai airport
With Jagdev Singh and Stephen Inbanathan
and eclipse glasses from Astronomers without Borders

At the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory

Eclipse Site at Bahri Beautiful Country

Eclipse site at Bahri Beautiful Country, Kodaikanal District (Nikon D750)


At Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai

Flight from Space Geeks and Nehru Planetarium at 22,000 feet from Mumbai