A Life Under the Moon’s Shadow


The expedition, at a brief stop in Middlebury, VT, on the way to Newport.
The Williams 2024 solar eclipse expedition. [First Row:] Hector Mendoza ’24, Prof. Anne Jaskot ’08, Eliana Zitrin ’26, Thomas Huckans ’26, Alessandra Valeria Lopez ’26, Marek Demianski, Maya Singh ’27, Kaia Glickman ’25, Estefany Lopez-Velazquez ’25, Diliara Sadykova ’26, April Owens? ’24, Angela Gui ’24, Ye Shu ’24. [Second Row:] Aidan Tartarelli ’27, Oliver Jones ’27, Sakhaya Tsai? ’27, Berit Olsson ’24, Sydney Eyestone ’26, Paul Rosenthal, Farris Farouki ’27, Teddy Palmore ’27, Sebastian Tabit ’25, Tasan Smith-Gandy ’24, Sophia Stephens ’24. [Kneeling in front:] Maile Ruiz ’26
The scene at Newport, VT, on the shore of Lake Mamphremagog
Maile Ruiz ’26 and Berit Olsson ’24 looking at the Sun prior to totality.


Prof Jaskot and her family, demonstrating proper eye safety during the eclipse.
The Williams expedition, with telescopes and cameras setup.


Eliana Zitrin ’26 looking through a telescope at the Sun, prior to totality.
Tasan Smith-Gandy ’24, Oliver Jones ’27, Thomas Huckens ’26, Farris Farouki ’27, and Teddy Palmore ’27 (behind Farris), prior to the eclipse.


Totality, showing the corona, and a solar prominence in the lower left of the Sun. [Credit: Maya Singh]
Totality, showing details in the corona. [Credit: Maya Singh]

An image showing the eclipse, with the Sun blocked out, the corona visible. Venus is also visible.
Solar eclipse, with corona around the Sun, and Venus to the lower right of the Sun.