2015, Svalbard


A composite eclipse + space image of the March 20 eclipse
Credits and copyrights: Jay M. Pasachoff and Allison L. Carter (Williams College), Wendy Carlos (New York City), and Daniel B. Seaton (Royal Observatory Belgium); PROBA2/SWAP image courtesy ESA/ROB

Total Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015 in Svalbard

On March 20th 2015, Metsähovi Radio Observatory in Finland observed a nearly total solar eclipse. See the eclipse as seen by radio telescopes here (for a radio image at 8mm).

And in 2022, please refer to:

Observations planned at the Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observatory in Finland, which observed a nearly total solar eclipse in 2015.  We will be updating: http://www.metsahovi.fi/sun/eclipse_2022/index_en.html

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