2010, Chile

Total Solar Eclipse in Easter Island, Chile at July 11, 2010

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Composite Image of Eclipse

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Newspaper Articles

Op-Ed in The New York Times:
“Why I Never Miss a Solar Eclipse”
Article in the Los Angeles Times:
“Total solar eclipse fans chase a moment in the sun”


Links to Articles in Spanish Published in Chile

Published in El Mercurio:
“Cazadores de eclipses comienzan a invadir Isla de Pascua y la Polinesia Francesa”
“Apareció la magia: contra todo pronóstico el eclipse de Sol se vio en toda Rapa Nui”
Published in Las Últimas Noticias:
“Este es el mejor eclipse de la historia”
“El cazador de eclipses más famoso del mundo llega a Rapa Nui”
Published in La Tercera:
Interactive page that explains the Eclipse


More Links

Sites with Photos:
Eclipse Image with Moai
Eclipse Low in the Sky, from Argentina
Processed Composite, from Easter Island
11 July 2010 Eclipse Photo Gallery
Daniel Fischer’s Links to Photos and Reports
Dan Falk’s Blog with his Photo Over a Moai