2001, Zambia

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Eclipse Movies:

Fast-motion clips

1st camera (Quicktime, 31 seconds):
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2nd camera (Quicktime, 25 seconds):
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Real-time clips

1st camera (7 minutes):
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2nd camera (8 minutes):
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1st camera

2nd camera

Photo Series:

2001 Eclipse Expedition Team (40 photos)

Partial Phase Images (7 photos)

Prominence Images (6 photos)

Totality Series Images (6 photos)

Totality Images, Rotated (5 photos)


Press Release – June 21, 2001

Temperature, Humidity, and Light
Intensity Measurements at our site
by Alan Ridgeley, G. Grayer, D. Mehet,
and Brian Sheen (A&G June 2003,
pp. 3.35-36)

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1st camera, totality: Animated GIF, 1.5 MB
1st camera, totality and partial phases: Animated GIF, 2.7 MB

Animation of moon’s shadow over Africa, wide-angle: AVI, 3 MB
Animation of moon’s shadow, close-up: Quicktime, 1 MB

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Eclipse Images:

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Composite of Williams College photos, by Wendy Carlos Composite of Williams College CCD images, by Daniel Seaton
© Wendy Carlos and Jay M. Pasachoff © Daniel B. Seaton and Jay M. Pasachoff
More Wendy Carlos images of the 2001 total eclipse

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All images from the Williams College Eclipse Expedition 2001.


The undergraduate student participants were Daniel B. Seaton (Williams ’01), Gabriel B. Brammer (Williams ’02), Shoshana C. Clark (Williams ’02), Bethany E. Cobb (Williams ’02), D. Michael Gioiello (Williams ’02), Kathleen S. Gibbons (Williams ’03), Christopher D. Holmes (Williams ’03), Kristen L. Shapiro (Williams ’03), Misa Cowee (Williams ’01), Davie Stevenson (Williams ’04), and Roban Kramer (Swarthmore ’02, at Williams as a Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium Summer Fellow). High school students Emily Babcock (then Drury High School, North Adams; now Connecticut College) and John Kildahl (then Mt. Greylock Regional High School, Williamstown; now Williams College) also participated.

Faculty and staff from Williams were Jay M. Pasachoff, Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Hopkins Observatory; Bryce A. Babcock, staff physicist and coordinator of science facilities; Stephan E. Martin, then supervisor of the Hopkins Observatory; Catharine B. Hill, provost, professor of economics, and an expert on Zambia; and James G. Kolesar, director of public affairs. Taking part as medical officer was Williamstown physician Paul E. Rosenthal. Other expedition staff included Jonathan Kern (Caltech’s LIGO Livingston Laboratory) and R. Lee Hawkins (Appalachian State University). Joining the team in Lusaka were scientists from Great Britain, India, Malaysia, Slovakia, and Venezuela.

The expedition was supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Geographic Society, the Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium, the Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium, the Science Laboratories at Williams College, and the Safford Fund, Brandi Fund, and Rob Spring Fund at Williams.


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