1998, Malaysia

From Mike Harlow <[email protected]

We successfully observed the annular eclipse on 22nd August. Our location in Sumatra was 5 km south west of Tarutung on the road to Sibolga at 2.0N 98.5E. Although it rained during our journey to the eclipse site, the sky cleared just before dawn and we observed from the time the sun rose over a nearby ridge right through to fourth contact. There was only slight interference from light cloud at times and the annular phase was very well seen. The sun was 15 degrees above the horizon at second contact.

There were ten people in our group, which was led by Dr. Peter Cattermole. Most of us attempted photography although the films have not yet been processed. I used a 1000 mm mirror-lens with a mylar and orange filter. When I have the images I will put them, along with a more detailed report, on the OASI web pages at: