Academic Collaborations

In keeping with the original vision of the Williams Center “to maximize the academic value the College can provide the school,” we make connections to enrich learning at Mt. Greylock.

Connections range from field trips@Williams (Spanish lunch table, museum visits, 8th grade debates and arts day etc),  to in class talks by Williams professors, use of lab space at Williams by AP Chemistry and Physics classes, one shot hands-on science workshop experiences at the college, professional development and mentoring between faculties and much more. Please see our calendar for a current list of all events, or check out specific ongoing programming below.

Contact Kaatje White if you are interested.


The arts play an active and expanding role in the Mt. Greylock community. Opportunities are offered during the school day, as field trips, or as free events at Williams that students and teachers are encouraged to attend.

Check out this short video of members of Williams step team Sankofa dancing with 7th graders during 2016 winterstudy.

The 62 Center for the Performing Arts offers resident dance and theater workshops at Mt. Greylock in conjunction with their Center Series. Recent workshops include visits from world renowned groups such as the New York City Ballet, Alvin Alley and Chen Dancers

Students and faculty may also attend all theater, dance and music events at Williams free of charge.  Simply show your Greylock ID at the box office for a free ticket. Advance reservations suggested; this offer does not apply to the Williamstown Theater Festival.

All 8th graders vist Williams campus for a day of arts and technology called ArtsBlast choosing from workshops designed and taught by Williams students.

Ephs Out Loud is a student-led initiative, sponsored by the Williams College Department of Music and designed to promote community engagement and collaboration through music. Ephs Out Loud provides opportunities for Williams students to participate in programs including community-based performances and workshops, educational programs at local schools, and partnerships with Williams groups and local organizations. EphsOut Loud believes in the power of music to build community and promote collaboration between people with different backgrounds and experiences. Williams musicians teach music lessons and assist with small ensembles during winterstudy.

Williams College hosts the MG fall Get Acquainted Concert in October on the Chapin Stage.

Evening Drawing Open Studio. Interested students may attend the open drawing studio in the Spencer Art Building on the Williams campus. Tuesday and Thursday evenings, free of charge.

Foreign Language

Many opportunities exist for collaboration between Williams and Mt Greylock in the area of foreign language. Williams students who hail from various parts of the world and who are fluent in languages are often available to help with conversation skills and tutoring and for cultural presentations.

Spanish. Over the past couple of years the center has built programming and connections in support of Spanish conversation and cultural understanding. Williams students serve as conversation mentors, visit classrooms to discuss their native experiences, and this past summer organized a mini camp called Hola Verano! to encourage casual fun conversation while also learning critical grammar. Activities included dance, cooking, travel planning and music making.

Mandarin. Offered as an independent study option for high school students who have completed or are in the process of completing their high school language requirement. This program is taught by Williams students in conjunction with the Chinese department at Williams. For more information contact your guidance counselor or Kaatje White. View photos →


GreylockTalks is a student run program designed to bring a wide variery of community speakers into the school for presentations on topics  as diverse as climate change, philosophy, current politics and personal growth. Many speakers are invited from Williams College.  Presentations are held during high school directed study in the meeting room and students participate voluntarily.  This year MG hosted Williams faculty Justin Crowe, “The Fraying of the Republican Party”; Don Kjelleren, Williams career counseling; Julie Greenwood, epidemiology; Phoebe Cohen, “Mass Extinctions”; Rhon Manigault-Bryant, “A Time for Radical Love; Reflections on Race, Gender and Difference”; Samantha Livingstone, Olympic gold medalist., Swati Singh, Professor of Physics, “Dark Forces and Matter” and Baseball Math, Professor Steve Miller.

Greylock StoryTime-

This year we had the pleasure of hosting four Williams StoryTime storytellers in the library for 7th – 9th grade audiences. In November, Ann Johnston (Class of ‘19) shared her adventures as a full-fledged firefighter: “Learning to Run In, Not Out.” In December, Melanie Subbiah (Class of ‘17, Valedictorian) described her summer internship working at Facebook for Mark Zuckerberg: “Internship for Facebook.” In March, we heard from Eli Cytrynbaum (Class of ‘20) who shared: “My Decision to Be a Net Asset to the World By Making the People Around Me Happier.” Finally in May, Gabby Markel (Class of ‘17) gave the full account of her literal run-in with a grizzly bear in her hometown: “Alaskan Animals 101.” These diverse and unique perspectives and stories continue to broaden the virtual life experiences of the 13 – 15-year-olds at Mt. Greylock in an inviting and accessible way. The buzz is always lively as they settle in to listen, and the questions fielded by our Williams guests are filled with curiosity and thoughtfulness. We hope to bring 4 – 6 new StoryTellers to MG next year; our collaboration with Williams’ StoryBoard on campus continues to be a fruitful and positive collaboration. Links to StoryTime videos on WilliNet can be accessed here:,,,

 Independent Studies-

From time to time Greylock students design independent study projects (or pilots) in collaboration with a Greylock faculty advisor and a community mentor.  Students must be in strong academic standing to participate and they must work closely with the Guidance Department to craft an academically rigorous and relevant topic of study.  Please contact Beverly Maselli or Jessica Casilinova to explore these options further.


Professor Colin Adams and students

The Williams Math department works with individual teachers on professional development. In addition they offer MathBlast for area 10th graders and their teachers. MathBlast is a morning program offered to students and math teachers from local area schools who come to Williams to participate in hands-on activities with Williams College professors. Students and teachers choose four, thirty-minute workshops ranging from statistics to the geometry of soap bubbles.

MathBlast 2013 photos →


Support is provided to middle and high school students and their teachers to facilitate hands-on inquiry based science. Our goal is to help support the development of other lab experiences in all the sciences that take place at the school and in the surrounding outdoor environment. To that end, the center supports lab visits to campus in some AP and environmental studies classes and visits by professors, Williams students and staff to the school for in class lab experiences.

In addition, all 11th graders visit the Williams campus for a day in the spring to participate in ScienceBlast a morning of workshops, designed and taught by Williams professors.