Williams Fellows

Williams students serve each year as writing coaches and student mentors in middle and high school English, academic support, life skills, and special needs classrooms. Learn more about Williams Fellows →

Tutoring & Homework Help

Resources for homework help and academic support. Learn more about Tutoring & Homework Help →

Academic Collaborations

Field trips, in class talks by Williams professors, use of lab space at Williams by AP Chemistry and Physics classes, one shot hands-on math workshop experiences at the college, professional development and much more. Learn more about Academic Collaborations →

Classes at Williams

Williams generously offers, on a case-by-case basis and free of charge, select college classes to Mt. Greylock students. Learn more about Classes at Williams →

Student Groups

Group and club activities with a mentorship focus, including the Greylock Garden Club, Middle School Writing Group, and Williams Speaks. Learn more about Student Groups →

College Essay Help

Learn more about College Essay Help →