Campus Environmental Advisory Committee

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes for 2008/10/02

Attendees: Ngondizashe Munemo Keith Butts Sarah Gardner Jen Rowe Chris Warren Amy Johns Molly Guest Ken Jenson Stephanie Boyd Next meeting is Thurs, Oct 23. Stephen Klass will be there to talk with us about building policy. This week we’re reviewing the building policy in preparation for next week. Sub-Committee Reports Transport not met yet more »

Meeting Notes for 2009/09/30

Hank Art – Faculty Chair Jessica Clark – Student Co Chair – All attendees introduce themselves. – Finding a new meeting time to avoid collisions with various sports events / practices + send Jessica (10jdc) your availability – Want to make the meeting minutes public. + CSW volunteers/is volunteered as scribe and web master * more »

Meeting Notes for 2009/05/06

CEAC 2009/05/06 Attending John Kleiner Molly Gues Ngondizashe Munemo Sarah Gardener Ken Jensen Amy Johns Chris Warren Hank Art Cesar Silva Stephanie Boyd Ed Gollin Sub-committee Summaries Amy gave a quick report, no other sub-committees did For next year Get web site more active Hank – got an email from CC asking about what students more »