Online Courses in Governance, Institutions, and Political Economy

This page brings together our recommendations for online courses on platforms like EdX, Coursera, and other locations in topics related to political economy and governance.

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Announcement: IDEAS Calendar of Virtual Webinars in Development

IDEAS is hosting a calendar of all the webinars they can find related to development. Check back often if you have some time and want to learn something new!

Online Learning: Political Economy and Economic Development from EdX

This MIT online course in political economy and development taught by field superstars Abhijit Banerjee and Ben Olken starts on June 2, so hurry and check it out!

Online learning (en Français) “Programmation et Politiques Financières, Deuxième Partie : Conception d’un Programme

This online course from the IMF on Edx focuses on the tools to help you design data-driven macroeconomic and financial policy. It’s the second in a two-part course.

Online learning (en Français) “Programmation et Politiques Financières, Première Partie: Analyse des Comptes Macroéconomiques”

This online course from the IMF on Edx focuses on the tools to help you respond to questions about the health of the macroeconomy and how a cognizance of political economy can help bring the economy to a healthier status. In French.

Online learning: “Using Big Data to Solve Economic and Social Problems”

This online course, taught by Raj Chetty, discusses using big data to solve economic problems. It’s targeted at someone without a background in economics or statistics, and is offered through Opportunity Insights in collaboration with Harvard University

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