Public Economics and Taxation

Where you you get your information on public economics and taxation? Are there any go-to sources that we're missing in our list of recommendations? Do you have any country- or region-specific recommendations (in English or any other language)?

Let us know by emailing Chrispine at crl2 (at) williams (dot) edu, and we'll put the information up!

Required Reading: “Social Welfare and the Tradeoff Between Efficiency and Equity”

In the second of a two-part series, this article on social welfare considers cross-country differences in the effect of taxation on labor supply. It has been assigned as reading for “Public Economics,” a core course taught in the fall.

Foundational Article: “Behavioral Design: A New Approach to Development Policy”

This article on behavioral design by Saugato Datta and Sendhil Mullainathan focuses on recent developments in incorporating human psychology into the design of policy interventions, and how small changes can have large impacts.

Book: Entrepreneurial Economics: Bright Ideas for the Dismal Science

This book by Alex Tabarrok of the quirky and insightful blog Marginal Revolution brings together some of the great insights of economics research of the recent decades, from governments buying out patents and putting them in the public domain to how to think about the market for organ donation.

Course Text: Public Finance and Public Policy

This is a required course text for the CDE core course “Public Economics.”

Course Text: Principles of Microeconomics

This book by Gregory Mankiw is one of the core texts used in recent years for CDE orientation, and is also a reference text for “Public Economics,” a core course taught in the fall.

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