Governance, Institutions, and Political Economy

Where you you get your information on governance research? Are there any go-to sources that we're missing in our list of recommendations? Do you have any country- or region-specific recommendations (in English or any other language)?

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Audio: Is Aid Effective?

VoxDev talks Tim Phillips hosts Stefan Dercon of Oxford’s Blavatnik School about how he envisions making aid effective in a world where the most certain bang for aid bucks might not be where the dollar would be most useful.

Brookings Audio: “Where Does Nationalism Come From?”

In this Brookings Cafeteria Podcast, Bill Finan interviews Liah Greenfeld of Boston University about Greenfeld’s book, Nationalism: A Short History.

Audio: “Indonesia, an Unlikely Democracy”

In this Brookings Cafeteria Podcast, Jonathan Stromseth of Brookings interviews Tom Pepinsky of Cornell about Indonesia and its political system.

Prof. Caprio Recommends: Taxation and State Capacity

Taxation and State Capacity In this VoxDev talks, Tim Besley of LSE talks about how some states, like the Nordics, can enjoy higher rates of taxation and still get compliance, whereas others might not be able to attain either. He attributes the ability to tax as a cultural phenomenon that can be changed over time:…

Podcast: Choosing Community Leaders in Uganda

Choosing Better Community Leaders This podcast from VoxDev discusses how different methods of choosing leaders can lead to different outcomes. If leaders in this experiment in Uganda were chosen in an open discussion, the researchers found that the most influential people tended to be chosen. However, these influential and loud people weren’t exactly the best…

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