We've compiled here our suggestions for the latest research related to the coronavirus.

Are there any go-to sources that we're missing in our list of recommendations? Do you have any country- or region-specific recommendations (in English or any other language)?

Let us know by emailing Jillian at jrs7 (at) williams (dot) edu, and we'll put the information up so that others can benefit.

If you haven't already, check out our Coronavirus Resources page for more tips, articles, and information.

Podcast: “Cushioning the Effects of Covid-19 on the Poor”

In this VoxDev Talk, economists Rema Hanna and Ben Olken discuss what’s needed to help the poor through this crisis.

Blog: Open Letter to G20 Countries

This blog post on VoxEU is an open letter from late March to the leaders of the G20 countries, asking for greater involvement on helping the developing world handle the covid-19 crisis.

Our favorite sources for the latest research