We've compiled here our suggestions for the latest research related to the coronavirus.

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Prof’s Pick: Remittances and what their decline means for development (recommended by Prof. Caprio)

With economic decline looming and borders tightening in the developed world, remittances are going down the tubes. Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development explores what this means for development.

Podcast: “Lessons from the Ebola Crisis on dealing with Covid-19”

In this Vox Talk, Oeindrila Dube discusses an experiment she had been running in Sierra Leone for community health outreach, and how helpful those interventions were during the Ebola outbreak. From April 9, 2020.

Does Closing Schools Help Stop the Spread?

This article from the New York times discusses a plan some researchers have in the United States to determine whether school closures actually helped stop the spread of Covid-19. Written May 2, 2020.

Prof. Bakija recommends this book: Economics in the Age of Covid-19

This book on the economic impacts of Covid-19, by Joshua Gans, is a work in progress. The book will evolve as our knowledge about the virus and our reactions to it change. Despite the ongoing nature of the project, the MIT Press has opened up access to an early version to facilitate the flow of knowledge and sharing of information during these unusual times.

Prof. Jacobson recommends this podcast on “Oil Markets in the Time of Covid-19”

Professor Jacobson recommends this podcast episode on Resources in which Amy Meyers Jaffe, the United States director of the program on energy security and climate change at the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses recent changes to the oil markets.

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