Sub-Saharan Africa

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Our Latest Recommendations

Ensuring that Africa has the financial resources to handle Covid-19 (podcast)

This episode from David Dollar on Dollar and Sense, the Brookings Trade Podcast, discusses the risks and possible financial resources available to African countries to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

Podcast: “Lessons from the Ebola Crisis on dealing with Covid-19”

In this Vox Talk, Oeindrila Dube discusses an experiment she had been running in Sierra Leone for community health outreach, and how helpful those interventions were during the Ebola outbreak. From April 9, 2020.

Prof. Gibson Recommends: This Podcast Episode on “Chickens, Cash, and Development Economics”

In this EconTalks podcast, economist Chris Blattman discusses the trade-offs between giving people in parts of Africa cash versus chickens, and how they used randomized controlled trials to find out which was more effective for helping people.

Course Text: “Scaling Up What Works: Evidence on External Validity in Kenyan Education”

This article has been assigned as required reading in Program Evaluation, a spring CDE elective.

Course Text: “School Governance, Teacher Incentives and Pupil-Teacher Ratios: Experimental Evidence from Kenyan Primary Schools”

This article has been listed as required reading for practice in evaluating randomized evaluations for Program Evaluation, a spring elective at the CDE.

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