Research on South Asia

This page brings together our recommendations for the latest research in South Asia.

Where do you get your information about South Asia? If you have a news source, podcast, blog, or articles, books or websites that you recommend, whether in English or another language, email Jillian at jrs7 (at) williams (dot) edu and we'll put it up!

Our Latest Recommendations

Audio: “Indonesia, an Unlikely Democracy”

In this Brookings Cafeteria Podcast, Jonathan Stromseth of Brookings interviews Tom Pepinsky of Cornell about Indonesia and its political system.

Audio: “Achieving Inclusive Growth in Asia”

VoxDev’s Tim Phillips talks with Yasuyuki Sawada, the Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), about how the objectives and challenges of the ADB have changed in the past half-century as Asian economies have developed and altered how they interact with the rest of the world.

Podcast: Peace, Security, and the United Nations General Assembly

In this podcast from Brookings Cafeteria, Fred Dews interviews Brookings Foreign Policy Director Bruce Jones regarding how the state of security has changed over the past years and what the United Nations (UN) should be doing about it.

Podcast: “Multinational Enforcement of Labor Laws”

In this VoxDev talks, Laura Boudreau from Columbia Business School talks about a recent experiment she ran in Bangladesh with multinational buyers in the garment sector and how their involvement changed compliance with safety regulations on the part of Bangladeshi suppliers.

Podcast: “A Global Response to the Climate Crisis”

This podcast from the Brookings Cafeteria focuses on the climate crisis and the burden left on the rest of the world after the US withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Accords.

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