Research on South Asia

This page brings together our recommendations for the latest research in South Asia.

Where do you get your information about South Asia? If you have a news source, podcast, blog, or articles, books or websites that you recommend, whether in English or another language, email Chrispine at crl2 (at) williams (dot) edu and we'll put it up!

Our Latest Recommendations

Course Text: “Dams”

This text has been assigned as required reading for the spring CDE elective, Program Evaluation.

Executive Summary: “Women as Policy Makers: Evidence from a Randomized Policy Experiment in India”

This executive summary on JPAL describes an article exploring the effect of a change in gender quotas for village leadership in India.

Executive Summary: “Measuring the Impact of Microfinance in Hyderabad, India”

This executive summary from JPAL provides a synopsis of the microcredit intervention that finds mediocre effects of microcredit, perhaps because loosening credit constraints doesn’t help much if not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Full Article: “Powerful Women: Does Exposure Reduce Bias?”

In this study, a group of female researchers explores what happens to norms around women when women take on leadership positions in their communities.

Full Article: “Women as Policy Makers: Evidence from a Randomized Policy Experiment in India”

In this study, Esther Duflo and Raghabendra Chattopadhyay compare how women spend and how men spend when they’re in positions of leadership in India.

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