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Podcast: “A Global Response to the Climate Crisis”

This podcast from the Brookings Cafeteria focuses on the climate crisis and the burden left on the rest of the world after the US withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Accords.

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  • 4 things the Biden administration should pay attention to with the border crisis
    To discourage migration, the Obama and Trump administrations deported hundreds of thousands of Central Americans during the last decade. But little was known about what happens to deportees. Eighteen months ago, we decided to find out. We interviewed 1,357 deportees as they entered Guatemala and followed up with 340 of them over subsequent months. Our… […]
  • Climate, violence, and Honduran migration to the United States
    Apprehensions of family units from Honduras arriving at the U.S. southern border grew exponentially between 2012 and 2019, from 513 to 188,368 (the dashed line in Figure 1). While it is possible that Biden administration policies and COVID-19 alter the calculus of migrants, they did not cause the sharp increase in apprehensions in 2019. This…      
  • Legalizing drugs and illegal economies is no panacea for Latin America and the rest of the world
    Catalina Niño: You have worked for many years and in many countries on various issues related to organized crime. Could you give us an overview of current organized crime dynamics, actors and activities globally and in Latin America? What is the place of drug trafficking in this landscape?   Vanda Felbb-Brown:  Organized crime and illicit… […]