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This page brings together our recommendations for the latest research on Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Our Latest Recommendations

Latin America and Caribbean.

Prof. Caprio recommends this report: Sound Banks for Healthy Economies Challenges for Policymakers in Latin America and the Caribbean in Times of Coronavirus

This A CGD-IDB Working Group Report explores some of the ways in which policy makers in Latin America and the Caribbean can mitigate the adverse economic consequences of Covid-19.

Full Article: “Missing in Action: Teacher and Health Worker Absence in Developing Countries”

This article investigates absenteeism among teachers and healthcare workers in many developing countries, and finds it to be a considerable problem.

Brookings Podcast: “Globalization, NAFTA and the Wall”

In this episode of Dollar and Sense, Brookings fellow David Dollar discusses NAFTA and globalization with Ernesto Zedillo, a former president of Mexico.

Audio: “All about the Trans-Pacific Partnership”

In this episode of “Dollar and Sense,” David Dollar hosts Mieya Solis of Brookings for a discussion about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), from its inception to its possible future.

VoxDev Video: “Bringing Research to Policy”

Sebastian Galiani of the University of Maryland is currently Deputy Minister at the Argentinian Treasury. Here he talks about the links between academia and policy.

Straight from the Source

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  • Repackaging Pandora: How Russia’s information apparatus is handling a massive leak of data on offshore finance
    Almost immediately after the authors of the “Pandora Papers” report released it on October 3, revelations of wrongdoing by powerful public figures, including in Russia, began reverberating within and beyond capitals. The catalogue of nearly 12 million leaked confidential records from firms in the offshore financial services industry documented how the wealthy and well-connected buy… […]
  • Events of last six months show fragile countries must remain priority for the US and its allies
    The West is shifting its gaze from fragile states. After 20 years, the United States is headed for the exits in Afghanistan, pulling NATO with it. French President Emmanuel Macron is ending the Barkhane operation, pulling many of the more than 5,000 French troops from the Sahel, where they’ve been fighting a vicious jihadi insurgency… […]
  • How can the US support democracy and development in Latin America?
    From widespread protests in Cuba to the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, recent unrest across Latin America has brought new attention to political and economic issues in the region and created diplomatic challenges for the Biden administration. To discuss how the United States should engage with Latin America, David Dollar is joined by Santiago… […]