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This page compiles our information on research in Europe and Central Asia.

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Our Latest Recommendations

Covid and the Future of Microfinance with Insights from Pakistan, recommended by Prof. Caprio

What’s the future of microfinance in a post-Covid world? A group of six researchers explores the impacts of recent months on the microfinance sector in Pakistan, and recommends policies for how to help microfinance, and the people it helps, weather the storm.

Audio: “Achieving Inclusive Growth in Asia”

VoxDev’s Tim Phillips talks with Yasuyuki Sawada, the Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), about how the objectives and challenges of the ADB have changed in the past half-century as Asian economies have developed and altered how they interact with the rest of the world.

Audio: Achieving Meaningful Impact through Aid

VoxDev host Tim Phillips talks with Rachel Glennerster, the Chief Economist of the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) about the role of aid in development.

Podcast: Peace, Security, and the United Nations General Assembly

In this podcast from Brookings Cafeteria, Fred Dews interviews Brookings Foreign Policy Director Bruce Jones regarding how the state of security has changed over the past years and what the United Nations (UN) should be doing about it.

Executive Summary: Why Some States are So Much More Effective at Implementing Policy Than Others

In this executive summary, Best, Szakonyi and Hjort write about a 2017 article in which they utilized state procurement as an outcome variable to evaluate bureaucratic efficacy in Russia, much in the way that diagnostics of effectiveness in firms measured by indicators such as sales, costs and profits would suggest where a firm can be improving.

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  • Repairing the rift with Turkey
    Can a Biden administration repair the U.S. relationship with Turkey — a geostrategically important NATO ally whose partnership with Washington gradually deteriorated in the past few years?  Short of policy towards the big threats — Russia, China, North Korea, Iran—it is hard to think of a more important security issue facing the incoming team.  Turkey can… […]
  • After Russia’s Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire, could Turkey step up next for a lasting peace?
    Can the pain and destruction, the losses and gains from the recently reignited war over Nagorno-Karabakh be turned into peace? While the world was fixated on the outcome of the U.S. elections and the ongoing drama of whether U.S. President Donald Trump would concede to President-elect Joe Biden, Russia appears to have achieved the near-impossible… […]
  • Reviving the trans-Atlantic relationship
    For all of us who care about strong trans-Atlantic relations based on democratic values, a Joe Biden presidency is a welcome change from the past four years. Whereas Donald Trump argued for decades that America’s allies have taken advantage of the country and during his administration even called the European Union a “foe,” Biden spent… […]