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Our Latest Recommendations

The relationship between school-building and conflict in Indonesia (podcast)

In this episode of VoxTalks, Dominic Rohner discusses an investigation into the relationship between Indonesia’s expansion of schools in the nineties and how increased education was related to a reduction in conflict.

Required Reading: “Corruption and the Costs of Redistribution: Micro Evidence from Indonesia”

This article has been assigned as required reading for “Public Economics,” one of the core courses taught in the fall.

Full Article: “Missing in Action: Teacher and Health Worker Absence in Developing Countries”

This article investigates absenteeism among teachers and healthcare workers in many developing countries, and finds it to be a considerable problem.

VoxDev Executive Summary: 2009 VAT Reform in China and Lumpy Investment

This executive summary discusses the VAT reform in China that took place in 2009 and how that has affected investment.

Brookings Podcast: “The Obstacles to a US-China Trade Deal”

In this episode of Dollar and Sense, Brookings fellow David Dollar talks with former US Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky about the hurdles the United States and China will need to overcome before they can reach a trade agreement.

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