Request a Rental (Students)

PLEASE READ: Summer rentals for Summer 2018 will open Tuesday at 7:30pm! We apologize for any inconvenience, thank you for being patient!

If the form says it isn’t accepting responses, it means we aren’t running the program or we are out of bikes. We update it as inventory and time allows, so please don’t email us as to why the form is “broken”, because it’s not.

Finally, please consider whether you will actually use a bike. We receive far more demand for bikes than we can supply and always have to turn people away.  When we assign bikes, we have no idea whether a bike will languish on a rack or be ridden multiple times a day. While we understand that predicting your own use can be difficult, we appreciate seeing our rental bikes ridden and ask that you will take this into account before requesting a bike, so that we can get bikes to those who need them and will use them the most.