June 27, 2013


How can I contact you? Email us at [email protected].

How do I request a rental? Just click the “Request a Rental” tab to get started. You will be required to agree to and electronically sign a waiver in order to submit a request. If the form is closed, we are not renting bikes at the time.

Where can I pick up my assigned rental? Bikes must be picked up and dropped off from the rack outside the bike shop on the ground floor of Mark Hopkins dorm facing Greylock Quad.

How long can I keep my rental bike? We rent bikes out for one semester.

What if something is not right with my bike? If the issue is seat height, see below. For anything else, come to our open hours! Open hour times change each semester — look for them on our website, Daily Messages, and the sign outside the shop.

My seat is the wrong height, how do I change it? Most of our bikes are easy to adjust without tools! Just flip open the lever at the bottom of the seat post, adjust the seat to where you want it to be, then close the lever to clamp it back down. (Make sure to leave at least 2.5 inches of post inserted into the frame.) Bikes without a lever at the bottom of the seat post require an Allen (hex) key to adjust the bolt, which are available at the bike service station outside Paresky.

My tire pressure is low. How do I pump up my tires? For anyone with a bike on campus, there are working bike pumps at three bike repair stands across campus: outside Paresky, near the covered bike parking in Currier Quad, and at the south end of Spring Street just north of Tunnel City. If you would like to use a bike pump with a pressure gauge, there is a yellow pump locked to the bike rack outside our shop.

What happens if my rental bike is damaged or stolen? You can be fined up to $100 for losing or damaging your bike, or $35 for a helmet. These penalties are flexible, and we promise we will be nice about it; we just want people to treat the bikes with care. Make sure your bike is well locked and if it has mechanical issues, contact us before things escalate.

Do you provide helmets? Should I wear one? Yes and yes!

I’m pretty short/tall… do you have a bike that will fit me? It’s easy to ride a bike that is a bit too small, but very hard if it is too big. Contact us directly if you think this may be an issue.