Some links for selected publications; for a complete list, see my CV. For all my books, take a look at my Amazon author page.

Sex and Beauty for Birds, Frogs, and Humans.” Forthcoming in Open Philosophy.

“If You Can Understand This Article, Then You Have Moral Rights and Moral Duties.” Open Philosophy, 2020:3.

“Toward a Systematic, Rights-Based Moral Theory.” Open Philosophy, 2019:2.

Toward a Philosophical Theory of Everything. Contributions to the Structural-Systematic Philosophy. Bloomsbury (formerly Continuum), 2014.

For a mere $2.99, get the Kindle edition of my novel Nothing Matters. A Philosophical Romance, which involves Proust, Nietzsche, and Schopenhauer.

Also or instead, for a paltry $2.99, get the Kindle edition of my novel Revenge.  

“An Appalling or Banal Reality,” an article published in 2003 about the Jorge Luis Borges story “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius”; o, en espanõl, Una Realidad Atroz o Banal.”

The End of Philosophy“, a lecture I presented to a general audience in 1991.

Within Nietzsche’s Labyrinth, Routledge, 1990.

The Insignificant Other: Towards a Postmodern Aristotelian Humanism”, written for a Williams College faculty seminar, “The Problem of the Other,” 1988.

Absolute Knowledge. Hegel and the Problem of Metaphysics. Ohio UP, 1983.

Schelling. An Introduction to the System of Freedom. Yale UP, 1983.