Athletics Committee

Potential Academic/Athletic Conflicts

The Potential Academic/Athletic Conflicts list is simply a list of the scheduled varsity games that may present potential conflict with class time for some student-athletes. It is not construed as a list of “official” or “approved” absences from class. Instructors should make their attendance policies for all students clear on their syllabi and on the first day of class. Students who will be missing class are strongly encouraged to talk with their instructors very early in the semester to discuss arrangements for missed classes.

Fall 2017

Date Day(s) Sport Departure Destination
9/13 Wednesday Field Hockey 5:30pm Home Game
9/13 Wednesday Men’s Soccer 4:30pm RPI
9/20 Wednesday Men’s Tennis 3:00pm Home Match
9/20 Wednesday Field Hockey 5:30pm Home Game
9/22 Friday Football 3:00pm Colby
9/22 Friday Volleyball 3:00pm Hamilton
9/22 Friday Men’s Tennis 3pm Home Game
9/27 Wednesday Men’s Soccer  2:30 Home Game
9/27 Wednesday Field Hockey 3:00pm Springfield
9/29 Friday Cross Country All Day Lehigh
9/29 Friday Men’s Tennis All Day ITA at Middlebury
9/29 Friday Women’s Tennis All Day Home Match
9/29 Friday Volleyball All Day Bowdoin
9/29 Friday Men’s Golf 1:00pm Trinity
10/3 Tuesday Volleyball 3:30pm SUNY New Paltz
10/6 Friday Volleyball 1:00pm Colby
10/11 Wed. Field Hockey 4:00pm Home Game
10/13 Friday Men’s Tennis All Day MIT Invite
10/14 Friday Men’s Crew  TBD TBD
10/17 Tuesday Field Hockey  3:30pm Keene
10/18 Wednesday Men’s Soccer 1:30pm Home Game
10/20 Friday Women’s Tennis 1:00pm Middlebury. Invite
10/21 Tuesday Men’s Crew TBD Head of Charles
10/24 Tuesday Field Hockey 2:30pm Middlebury
10/24 Tuesday Women’s Soccer 11:00am Middlebury
10/24 Tuesday Men’s Soccer 10:30am Middlebury
11/10 Friday Cross Country 12:00pm Southern Maine University
11/17 Friday Cross Country All Day NCAA’s

Winter 2017-2018

Date Day(s) Sport Departure Destination
 11/17  Friday  M/W Swim and Dive  2:15pm  Springfield College
 11/21  Tuesday  Women’s Basketball  3:30pm  Springfield College
 11/28  Tuesday  Men’s Basketball  3:00pm  Vassar
 12/1  Friday  Women’s Ice Hockey  2:15pm  Wesleyan
 12/1  Friday  Men’s Ice Hockey  1:00pm  Tufts
 12/1  Friday  Wrestling  2:00pm  York, PA
 12/6  Wednesday  Women’s Ice Hockey  3:55pm  Castleton
 1/5  Friday  Men’s Basketball  3:00pm  Wesleyan
 1/9  Tuesday  Men’s Ice Hockey  All Day  SUNY Brockport
 1/11  Thursday  Wrestling  1:30pm  Williamsport
 1/12  Friday  Wrestling  All Day  Williamsport
 1/12  Friday  Women’s Basketball  2:15pm  Tufts
 1/12  Friday  Women’s Ice Hockey  10:00am  Colby
 1/12  Friday  Nordic Ski  All Day  Colby
 1/17  Wednesday  Women’s Ice Hockey  2:00pm  Mahattanville
 1/19  Friday  Men’s Ice Hockey  10:00am  Bowdoin
 1/19  Friday  Alpine Ski  3:00pm  Colby Carnival
 1/23  Tuesday  Wom. Ice Hockey  2:00pm  St. Anselm’s
 1/26  Friday  Alpine Ski  All Day  St. Michael’s Carnival
 1/26  Friday  Men’s Basketball  3:15pm  Trinity
 1/26  Friday  Women’s Ice Hockey  3:00pm  Amherst
 1/26  Friday  M/W Swim and Dive  12:00pm  Middlebury
 2/2  Friday  Women’s Basketball  10:00am  Colby
 2/2  Friday  Alpine/Nordic Ski  All Day  UVM Carnival
 2/2  Friday  M/W Track and Field  12:00pm  Reggie Lewis Center/Harvard
 2/8  Thursday  M/W Squash  1:00pm  Brown
 2/9  Friday  Alpine/Nordic Ski  All Day  Dartmouth Carnival
 2/9  Friday  Women’s Track  2:00pm  BU
 2/9  Friday  Wrestling  3:00pm  Castleton
 2/16  Friday  Women’s Squash  All Day  Harvard
 2/22  Thursday  Men’s Swim and Dive  10:00am  Bowdoin
 2/23  Friday  Men’s Swim and Dive  All Day  Bowdoin
 2/23  Friday  Alpine/Nordic Ski  All Day  Middlebury Carnival
 2/23  Friday  Men’s Squash  All Day  Harvard
 2/23  Friday  Men’s Squash  All Day  Harvard
 2/23  Friday  Wrestling  1:30pm  Worcester
 3/7-3/9  Wed-Friday  M/W Track and Field  All Day  NCAA’s in Alabama

Spring 2018

Date Day(s) Sport Departure Destination
 3/6  Tuesday  Men’s Lacrosse 3:15pm  Union
 4/4  Wednesday  Women’s Lacrosse  12:45pm  Tufts
 4/6  Friday  Softball  3:30pm  Home
 4/10  Tuesday  Women’s Lacrosse  12:45pm  Hamilton
 4/11  Wednesday  Softball  2:00pm  Home
 4/17  Tuesday  Men’s Lacrosse  2:45pm  WNEU
 4/18  Wednesday  Softball  2:30pm  Home
 4/20  Friday  Softball  3:30pm  Home
 4/20  Friday  M/W Track  11:00am  Princeton
 4/25  Wednesday  Men’s Golf  All Day  Wesleyan-Little III
 4/25 Wednesday  Men’s Lacrosse  11:45am  Middlebury
 4/26  Thursday  Softball  2:15pm  Skidmore
 4/27  Friday  Baseball  11:45am  Wesleyan
 5/1  Tuesday  Baseball 12:00pm  Skidmore
 5/3  Thursday  Men’s Track  All Day  MIT
 5/4  Friday  M/W Track  All Day  MIT
 5/4  Friday  Men’s Tennis  All Day  Amherst
 5/11  Friday  Men’s Crew  All Day  Worcester
 5/11  Friday  Women’s Crew  All Day  Worcester
 5/11  Friday  Men’s Tennis All Day  NESCAC’s
 5/11  Friday  M/W Track  All Day  Dartmouth

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