Welcome Williams's Sites server, where members of the campus community can create their own website for free.

Students, faculty, staff and campus groups are eligible to create and maintain a personal WordPress website or a website for a Williams organization they belong to. Sites are hosted by the college and subject to these terms of service.

Personal Site

Anyone with a Williams account can have website on this server. Simply click the log in button below and enter your Williams username and password (the same credentials you use for your Williams email).

If this is your first login, a site will be created for you automatically*

Group/Organization Site

If you need to create a site for a class, sports team or an approved group, the site will need to be created for you.

Please fill out this form to request that a site be created for you.

*Occasionally users are added to the system in a way that bypasses site creation. If you can log in but do not have a site -- and you want a site -- please email [email protected].