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Songs of the Week – March 14, 2017

It’s almost spring break! Celebrate with these new songs, hand-selected by the WCFM board!

Songs of the Week – March 7, 2017

Need some new songs to liven up your playlist? We got you covered with the WCFM board’s songs of the week!

Featured Show – Counterpoint, Tuesdays at 8 PM

Ariella Markowitz, ’19, WCFM DJ

Ariella is an accomplished jazz pianist from Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California. There, Ariella hosted her own show throughout high school at the local radio station. She plans to continue with radio and perhaps even make a career out of it, ideally working at NPR after Williams.

Sometimes Ariella just plays jazz on her show, on which days she notes, “people will text me, ‘Thanks for playing a studying playlist,’ which I guess is kind of derogatory, haha.”

However, Ariella’s jazz background does not limit her to just playing one genre. She says, “Some days I’ll just play classical music and not even care. I really love all music and think it’s all worth listening to. So I try to share that through my show.”

Lately, Ariella has been listening to Future’s new albums, Thundercat, and French Kiwi Juice by FKJ. She also adds an unabashed plug, “Follow me on Spotify, user Ariella Markowitz. I have this new playlist ‘new year new me’ that’s actually bomb. It’s everything.”
Listen to Counterpoint with Ariella Markowitz on Tuesdays at 8pm. Stream Here:

Ariella’s Spotify:
“new year new me”:…/…/playlist/3JHnoczsdNkysGKYrFKdaC

New Lorde!!!

great single.
give it a listen.
she’s a goddess

Songs of the Week – February 28, 2017

Need some new music inspiration? This is what the WCFM board is listening to this week!

Featured Show – Vidya Killed the Radio Star, Sundays at 1 PM

Vidya Venkatesh, ’17, WCFM DJ

Vidya has had her radio show since freshman fall. “It’s a hundred percent for me,” she confessed about the show, “and then I get like 3-8 listeners, haha.”

Vidya’s weekly radio show is called Vidya Killed the Radio Show. She boasts about the title, “It’s the single wittiest thing I’ve ever produced in my life and I think it will probably stand as my pinnacle. It has many layers: obviously it’s a cultural reference to Video Killed the Radio Star, and it’s also a reference to the fact that I play alternative music, because, you know, I have slaughtered the radio “star”, and I’m paying attention to the debris. Haha, well I guess it only has two layers, which is still more than enough.”

Recently, Vidya’s been listening to the alternative group Thao & the Get Down Stay Down and the English band Money.

Listen to Vidya Killed the Radio Star on Sundays at 1pm.