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New Lorde!!!

great single.
give it a listen.
she’s a goddess

Listen! Hippo Campus — Suicide Saturday

This song is really fun and makes me sad that the summer is almost over…have a listen!

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Nick Leng–Leaves

New Music from Nick Leng! Check it out because its awesome. Like what you hear? Listen to more on Mondays at 10PM-11PM on This Could Get Me Expelled with DJ Pheebs!


Check out TORRES’s new single “Sprinter” which has just been released in the past night. Like what you hear? Listen to more dope tunes on This Could Get Me Expelled with DJ Pheebs, Mondays at 10:00PM!

Slipping Away — Tanlines

Check out their single “Slipping Away”, a sneak peak of Tanlines’ new album Highlights scheduled to drop on May 18th.

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Greek Tragedy — The Wombats

This is the Wombats newest single. It’s an awesome track, and it’s a great way to get pumped for their new album “Glitterbug” which will be released on april 6th.

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