Songs of the Week – September 18, 2017

Mondays suck but these tunes don’t.

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Featured Show – Deadbeat Summer, Saturdays at 2 PM

Chris Jimenez ’20 & Ashwin Dasgupta ’20

Chris and Ashwin couldn’t get through one question without breaking into a bit. Asked about their show’s name, the two said they had originally called it The Library but ditched the idea after their WOOLF leader called it garbage. Radically during their first show, “I announced live on air, ‘Our new name is Deadbeat Summer,’” Ashwin started—and the banter began. 
“And just like that our email inbox exploded with fanmail. All The Library lifers are so upset right now, though” Chris added
“Yeah, I know dude. My ex-girlfriend got The Library tattooed on her arm”
“Yeah, that’s tough.”

Sarcastic riffs like these are typical of Deadbeat Summer, a half comedic talk show, half music show. Evidently, the show takes its name from a song by Neon Indian, a group frequently played by the duo. The title “doesn’t fully make sense as a phrase,” Chris says. But don’t attempt to find deeper meaning in the phrase, as there’s “no symbolism here, don’t read into it—we’re not Freudian boyz,” Chris says, the ironic “o-y-z” audible in his voice. 

Aside from a reliably mature mockery of nearly everything, the show also features an impressive and sometimes international mix of music. Tocque Certeiro by the Brazilian Metá Metá is a favorite as is the Japanese artist Mariah. Chris is awaiting King Krule’s new album, and Ashwin recommends Iglooghost and Chino Amobi, an artist from his home state of Virginia. 

Check out Deadbeat Summer every Saturday from 2 to 4 pm.

Songs of the Week – September 11, 2017

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