Off the Airwaves with WCFM: ‘Sound & Color,’ Alabama Shakes

An infusion of country, blues, folk and soul, the genre “roots rock” is aptly titled because its name has as many connotations as it does subgenres. The word “root” more ostensibly signifies foundation, origin, beginnings, permanence and aspects of life that lie below the surface, existing as long as they remain unseen. “Root” evokes the past, or an inability to break away from old memories and the nagging scars of heartbreak, guilt, regret and nostalgia. But “root” can also mean the opposite of permanence. Roots change and grow; they stretch and forge their own paths through unfamiliar and stifling soil. “Root,” then, connotes a reinterpretation, an expansion, an exceeding and furthering of self… Read more by Natalie Wilkinson

WCFM Songs of the Week – 11/9

Here it is, the WCFM Songs of the Week!

WCFM Songs of the Week – 11/2/15

Here it is, the WCFM Songs of the Week!

Off the Airwaves with WCFM: ‘Rodeo,’ Travis Scott

Ah, the controversial, but oh-so-popular, subgenre of hip-hop known as trap. Sprouting from the South, it’s ignorant, it’s wild and it’s primal, but it’s quite possibly what we cultured, suburban bandwagoners need. Every genre of music has had its version of trap. The classical purists were appalled when they started hearing cats like Charlie Parker and John Coltrane improvise frantically over changes that flew by at breakneck speed, this new thing called “jazz.” Rock heads scoffed at the aggressive but elementary power chords and dissonant vocals of metal. And now there’s trap, with its blistering hi-hats, throbbing 808s and ignorant, materialistic lyrics. With the rise of trap has naturally come its fair share of critics – people who think that soulful, introspective ’90s hip-hop was so much better than synthetic, braggadocious hip-hop today, that we need more rappers like Kendrick Lamar who rap about things that matter… Read more by Mano Sundaresan.

WCFM Songs of the Week – 10/26

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WCFM Songs of the Week – 10/19/2015

WCFM songs of the week for 10/19/2015!