Staff Advisory Council

Staff Advisory Council


Staff Advisory Council works with Human Resources as a consultative body on issues of importance to staff. The Council discusses and provides feedback on institutional policies and practices, and broader issues related to numerous work/life topics.


Members of the Council are selected from a broad cross-section of support and administrative staff on campus. Terms are for three years. Meetings are monthly.

New members are solicited from the community via an all campus memo. Membership is selected by the Council at the first meeting in September.

Staff Advisory Council has 10 members. Membership should be inclusive of as many departments as possible.

Members, Department, Terms

Veronica Bosley, Dean of Faculty’s Office, 2015-2018
Laurie Booth, Development Office, 2017-2020
Charlotte Clark, Dining Services, 2017-2020
Susan Gaskell, VP – Campus Life Office, 2015-2018
Jean Grant, Academic Resources, 2017-2020
Tamra Hjermstad, Office for Information Technology, 2015-2018
Brian Teal, Facilities, 2015-2018

Martha Tetrault, Human Resources, ex officio
Kevin Thomas, Human Resources, ex officio
Vishakha Sheoran, Human Resources, ex officio

To review meetings minutes please visit

Staff Council welcomes questions, comments and suggestions from members of the staff. To contact members of this committee, please utilize the Williams People Directory.

For more information visit the Human Resources website.

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