Seniors, New Registration Procedures for Williams Classes

Williams generously offers, on a case-by-case basis and free of charge, select college classes to Mt. Greylock students.

The Williams College Controller’s Office and the Office of Admission have been working on a new system for processing requests and enrolling high school students in Williams classes. Requests from students as well as statements of support and transcripts from school counselors will now be submitted online.
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Welcome Families!

Since 2008, the Williams Center at Mt. Greylock (WC) has engaged college students, professors and resources throughout the Mt. Greylock curriculum and beyond. Williams students support Mt. Greylock students during the school day in writing, homework help, foreign languages, math, science, history and academic support. Increasingly, Williams students play the role of special enrichment group mentors or coaches. Williams professors and Mt. Greylock faculty also have the opportunity to work together on academic programs and curriculum. WC continues to pilot new ideas for college-school collaborations, offering special opportunities to enrich your student’s education.
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Sign up NOW for an art collage workshop @ MG, March 11 periods 4&5

William College ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance CenterSeries

A Marvelous Order
An opera about NYC urban designer Robert Moses and activist Jane Jacobs

As Part of the Residency at Williams the company will also offer:
Marvelous Order workshop@MG and FREE tickets to the Friday evening dress rehearsal.
Collage workshop to design the new Mt Greylock
: Friday, March 11, 10:09-11:27
Performance@Williams: Friday, March 11, 7 pm-8:45 followed by a short Q&A with members of the cast (and cookies)

Signup by March 9th with Jeff Welch

Jeff Welch’s 11th Grade History Class Visit WCMA

Jeff Welch worked with Williams interns and the Art Museum Partnership for Education (AMPE) over the summer to design new curricular units to address visual literacy and the role art and architecture play in understanding and interpreting history. As part of this year long study, students visited The Williams College of Art in November and will visit MassMoca and take a cultural tour of North Adams in February. Read more to learn about AMPED and this exciting collaboration with Mt Greylock.

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Families!. The Williams Center activities will begin again in mid September. The afterschool homework help program with Williams Fellows AND in-class Fellows working in select English, special skills, math, science, history and foreign language classrooms will also begin the week of September 28th. Please contact Marty Walter afterschool homework help coordinator, to sign up for this wonderful program.

Juniors and Seniors…NEED HELP on your college essay. Contact one of our college essay coaches for advice and editing help.

Be on the lookout on the school website for more information about Williams Center happenings.