The Williams Center at Mt. Greylock, founded in 2008, serves both the Mt. Greylock and Williams College communities by creating academic collaborations between the schools that enrich learning experiences of both the middle- and high-school students and those of Williams undergraduates.

A rich partnership now supports the many diverse initiatives that continue to develop and grow, including programs in writing, math, science, the arts and academic and college support. Opportunities for Williams students exist through workstudy or off-campus jobs, community engagement experiences, and extensions of their classes on campus, while Mt. Greylock students and teachers benefit directly from their involvement.

As Mt. Greylock prepares its students for the 21st century and refocuses its academic goals and vision, the increased support from the college will allow continued innovation. The Williams Center thanks its many supporters, most especially the faculty and administrators from both institutions who have contributed on all levels to the program’s success.