Athletics Committee

Potential Academic/Athletic Conflicts

Fall 2016

Date Day(s) Sport Departure Destination
 9/9 Friday  Volleyball  1:00pm  Union
 9/14 Wednesday M Soccer  3:00pm Home Contest
 9/16 Friday  Volleyball  3:30pm  Tufts
 9/21 Wednesday  M Tennis  3:00pm  Home Contest
 9/21 Wednesday  M Soccer  3:00pm  Home Contest
 9/23 Friday  W Tennis  All Day  MIT
 9/30 Friday  M Tennis  All Day  Home Tournament
 10/2 Friday  Football  1:00pm  Bates
 10/4 Tuesday  Field Hockey  1:00pm  Skidmore
 10/14 Friday  M Tennis  All Day  MIT
 10/14 Friday  Volleyball  3:30pm  Hamilton
 10/19 Wednesday  M Soccer  10:00am  Hamilton
 10/21 Friday W Tennis  2:30pm  Middlebury
 10/21 Friday  MW Crew  All Day  Cambridge, MA
 10/21 Friday  Volleyball  2:30pm  MIT
 10/25 Tuesday  M Soccer  1:30pm  Home Contest
 10/25 Tuesday  W Soccer  1:30pm  Home Contest

Winter 2016-2017

Date Day(s) Sport Departure Destination
 11/18  Friday  MW Squash  1:00pm  Cornell
 11/18  Friday  M Ice Hockey  10:00am  Bowdoin
12/2  Friday  Wrestling  2:30pm  York, PA
 12/7  Wednesday  W Basketball  2:30pm  Eastern CT
 12/9  Friday  Wrestling  2:30pm  Hartford, CT
 1/6  Friday  M Ice Hockey  2:30pm  Trinity
 1/6  Friday  W Ice Hockey  10:00am  Bowdoin
 1/10  Tuesday  M Ice Hockey  3:00pm  Home Game
 1/10  Tuesday  W Ice Hockey  All Day  Buffalo State
 1/12  Thur./Fri.  Wrestling  2:00pm/All Day  Williamsport, PA
 1/13  Friday  M Ice Hockey  9:30am  Rye, NY
 1/13  Friday  MW Squash  9:30am  Franklin & Marshall
 1/13  Friday  MW Nordic Skiing  12:00pm  Waterville, ME
 1/13  Friday  M Basketball  10:00am  Colby
 1/20  Friday  MW Swimming 11:00am  MIT
 1/20  Friday  MW Squash  11:15am  Middlebury
 1/20  Friday  M Basketball  2:00pm  Hamilton
 1/20  Friday  W Ice Hockey  1:45pm  Conn College
 1/20  Friday  MW Nordic Skiing  All Day  Lake Placid
 1/20  Friday  MW Alpine Skiing  All Day  St. Lawrence
 1/24  Tuesday  W Ice Hockey  1:30pm  Salve Regina
 2/3  Friday  W Ice Hockey  2:30pm  Trinity
 2/3  Friday W Basketball  3:00pm  Wesleyan
 2/3  Friday  MW Skiing  All Day  Stowe, VT
 2/7  Tuesday  MW Squash  1:00pm  Dartmouth
 2/10  Friday  M Ice Hockey  2:30pm  Middlebury
 2/10  Friday  MW Track & Field  10:00am  Boston, MA
 2/10  Friday  M Basketball  1:45pm  Tufts
 2/10  Friday  MW Nordic Skiing  All Day  Dartmouth
 2/10  Friday  W Ice Hockey  2:30pm  Home Game
2/23 Thur/Fri MW Nordic Skiing 12:00pm / All Day Rumford, RI
2/24 Friday Wrestling  1:00pm  Bristol, RI
 2/24  Friday  W Track & Field  9:00am  Boston, MA
2/24 Friday  MW Alpine Skiing  All Day  Bates

Spring 2017

Date Day(s) Sport Departure Destination
 4/5  Wednesday  M Lacrosse  11:00am  Tufts
 4/7  Friday  MW Track & Field  12:30pm  Princeton
 4/11  Tuesday  M Lacrosse  11:15am  Hamilton
 4/13  Thursday   Softball  1:15pm  RPI
 4/14  Friday  Baseball  12:30pm  Amherst
 4/21  Friday  Softball  1:30pm  Amherst
 4/21  Friday  MW Track & Field  12:30pm  Princeton
 4/26  Wednesday  W Lacrosse  2:30pm  Middlebury
 4/26  Wednesday  M Golf  All Day  Home Contest
 5/4  Thursday  M Track & Field  11:00am  Home Contest
 5/5  Friday  MW Track & Field  12:00pm  Home Contest
 5/5  Friday  MW Crew  12:30pm  Worcester, MA
 5/12  Friday  MW Track & Field  10:00am  Home Contest
 5/12  Friday  MW Crew  All Day  Worcester, MA

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